Express your unique love, before you regret it

When’s the last time you said ‘I LOVE U’ to the person you are closest to?

We often tend to ignore the ones closest to us, our family. Deep down our love for them is more than anything, but sometimes we seemed to forget how to express it.

Melody Necklace provides unique and customizable jewelleries, designed with the latest fashion trends.

We wish to encourage people, to express and communicate love in a unique and better way through our products.

A necklace truly becomes a necklace only when it is connected, otherwise it’s just a simple piece of chain.

When your lover opens the gift box and clasped the necklace around your neck, that’s the moment the necklace is connected, so is your love.

We believe the world should be full of love and we wish to design unique and customizable necklaces to help people express their love to ones they care about. We hope to connect people closer with our unique necklaces.


Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever guy! Peep the leather bracelets from@melody_necklacethat we gifted each being able to partner with Melody to give a meaningful gift that represents our family that we have been able to create 18 valentines later together.

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Ice on my neck I’m stunnin’ 💎 OK I’m obsessed with my personalized necklaces & rings from@melody_necklace!! 🤩 You can get any name or custom phrase you like! I’m thrilled with my mermaid collection, which one is your favorite??

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I am so in love with my necklace from@melodynecklaceshop.. I ended up purchasing another style in the baby’s name & can’t wait to wear them together. I love to flaunt my boys 🥲 Anyone have any guesses on what they think the name is? I am going to be dropping subtle hints & if anyone can guess it before he arrives, I’ll be giving away a big gift card (visa or other similar) - just for fun!

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